2 – 1 Nap Transition

(Dates might be a bit off – didn’t realize this post didn’t get uploaded!)

I know I said I would write about baby D’s routine in a sleep training post I wrote 5 months back! I didn’t!

So now that I have big plans about returning to writing (again!), maybe I should write about our current sleep routine. We are in the 12 day process of transitioning baby D from 2 naps to 1. She is turning 18 months old (whatttt??!!) later this month and this seems to be the end of the recommended window for the 2-1 nap transition.

To start with, we looked for the signs that say that your child is ready for the transition also ensured she was in the right age group for a 1 nap transition. You can google to find this info out based your child’s age. Lots of great infographics are available online.

Baby D was showing these signs since she was about 16 months old, but we did not know to look for them because we did not read the signs list! So learn from my mistake and go make a note of what you should keep an eye out for! We wake D up at 7 AM every morning and she goes to bed at 7:30 – 8:00 every evening. Here’s what we have been following so far. All other days went almost according to plan except for today. She completely skipped her second nap today and kept singing in her crib for the entire hour! But I am sitting and writing this blog in zen mode because her bedtime got moved up and I got a longer Friday evening to myself!

2-1 Nap Transition Schedule

I have had a tough couple of weeks at work and am also in the midst of a career path change. So many changes happening at home and work! I am taking my mum & myself to the nail salon tomorrow for some much needed TLC after 2 years of staying away from any kind of salons!

Have a great weekend!



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