Getting Real about SLEEP!

Baby D was sleep trained by 6.5 months as you may have read in my previous post. But then the 9 month regression hit us and it hit us hard. We were still room sharing which was making the ride tougher in so many ways.

She was waking up every sleep cycle which was 47 minutes for her. So although she was sleeping with breaks in between, I wasn’t get ANY sleep at all. It made me go crazy. I was mad at myself for not knowing how to handle this and I was mad at the universe for making it so hard!

This went on for a month and I was just one month away from going back to work. As such it was going to be pretty hard to work from home, managing on no sleep was not an option.

We took the plunge and decided to hire a sleep consultant. I asked on some of the parenting Facebook groups and one Canadian sleep consulting company came highly recommended. I will not be sharing the name of this company as I have a lot of positive feedback about their content but also have some negative things to say and I feel it wouldn’t be fair to say that about the whole company.

First of all, even though my experience was a little bit negative, I’d still consider this to be one of the best investments we’ve made for our child and for ourselves.

First the positive – you are given a personalized set of proven rules to go by based on the information you provide about your child’s existing routine. So there’s no guess work here. No research to be done on your end. So, no second guessing what you’re doing. Also, I feel we stuck to the plan because of the money we’d invested in it. We had one more reason for why we didn’t want it to fail.

The process – the first night is always the hardest. The crying decreases with every subsequent night and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your child learns how to fall asleep independently and put themselves back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night.

Sounds like something out of a story book doesn’t it?! Well.. what they don’t tell you is the amount of effort YOU need to put in. Consistency is key. You cannot waver from the schedule. Which means it limits your time to go for a walk or to visit a friend or whatever else it may be that you do outside the house during a pandemic. Because you need to be home to finish the pre-sleep routine to cue your baby that it’s sleep time. Everything has to be like clock work, day in and day out, till YOU get used to it. It doesn’t feel as hard after a while!

Everything I’ve talked about in my previous posts about how you sleep train applied here as well. This was just more personalized.

The negative was that I didn’t like the sleep consultant personally. I felt like I could’ve just learnt everything I wanted to from the rule book they gave me at the start of the program. She gave us no feedback and just kept saying that we were doing great. Which probably was true 😉 But she did not answer any of our questions properly which was really frustrating.

Anyhow, moving on.. little D is 13 months old today and puts herself to sleep in her crib in her own room, for naps and bedtime.

I have diagnosed anxiety issues, which is why I think I still keep staring at the monitor some nights, but I do get more sleep.

I plan to write about her current routine in my next post. Keep an eye out!



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