Keeping myself accountable?

As a new mom, my life has changed completely. Not that the change came to me as a surprise, but the magnitude of it hit me hard. I live on a minute to minute basis at the moment!!

I am a sucker for routine. I function well when I know what’s in store for at least the next few days. So to be completely dependent on “someone” else’s “unpredictable” schedule really took its toll on me. I know it sounds like I am unhappy, but no words can describe how much joy and love I feel for my little one (and trust me when I say that the road to having her in my arms wasn’t easy!).

I have measured my success as a woman in terms of how happy I feel about myself. It may seem superficial to some, but the truth is, having a strong body, a calm mind, clear skin, a clean kitchen, a great book awaiting me and (now) a happy baby make me feel like I’ve made it in life!

So by that definition, it may come as no surprise to anyone reading this post that my life feels upside down. But as they say, time makes everything better! As much as I thought I was ready for mommyhood because we attended every prenatal class available, did online courses and read books, it was still like starting from scratch!

In these 4 months, I have discovered so many tricks and products that make life easier for me. Now that we have that under somewhat control, it’s time for me to start working on my body again. So maybe writing my experiences and sharing them with whoever wants to read will keep me accountable? Maybe I can share my experiences with others in the same boat and they can take away something useful from this? Time will tell!

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