Fully organic. Completely raved about. Absolutely stunning! And I am pretty sure the cover pic gave it away!

Kypris products are full of beautiful natural ingredients that are sustainably procured. So you feel beautiful inside out! The packaging is so simple that it’s classy!

The Kypris line has serums that are water based products and elixirs that are oil based. The suggested usage is to mix an elixir and an oil. You can choose a combination according to your skin type or issues.

Kypris - Antioxidant Dew

What made me buy them? 

My night time routine is all sorted but I was looking for something to add a little more oomph to my morning routine in addition to my regular moisturizer. I wanted a day time serum.

Also, most blogs and even Kypris’ website says that Beauty Elixir I is meant for people with dry skin. But I have combination skin and I use it on my whole face and it works like a dream. I am now eyeing the Clearing Serum to totally clear out my acne but need to find a slot for it in my routine **Look at me acting all organized and sh^&**

How I use the combo?

Because I have combination skin that is acne prone, I am always very careful about how much product I put on my face. Subtle layering is what I am all about! So I mix 3 drops of the dew and 3 drops of the elixir and massage it on my face. I top it off with my daily moisturizer after about 5 minutes. And oh, every bottle has the essence of more than 1,000 Bulgarian roses – so my hands smell like heaven for a few minutes after I’ve used the power combo! The fragrance is almost as if you’ve crushed a few rose petals between your palms! I just can’t keep myself from smelling my hands after I use this!

Also, in this super cold Toronto weather, the skin around my mouth and parts of my cheeks where I use acne products, become very dry. I literally have white patches around my mouth every morning. So sometimes when I wash my face during the day, I just take 1 drop of the Beauty Elixir and massage it around my mouth and on my cheeks. I even rub the remaining oil into my lips. And oh my dear God has it made a difference.

What it does for my skin?

The dew+elixir combo just makes my face glow. I don’t have dry patches around my mouth anymore and my acne scars are fading nicely. Kypris is God sent. And I will buy it even if I have to allocate specific funds in my budget to it and give up on eating out on weekends (**look at all the ways Kypris is making me better!**)

Honestly, I never thought that I’d ever have baby soft skin. Ever. But this does it for me. I’ve had friends touch my face and ask me for a list of all the products I use!! They’ve seen my skin transform and just can’t believe it!


Kypris - 1000 Roses

Where I bought the products?

I bought these from The Detox Market’s store in Downtown Toronto. They are located at 420, King Street West.

Also available on The Detox Market’s online store.

Also available on Kypris’ online store.

How much did  I spend?

I bought the smaller bottle in the Elixir because it is very expensive and I wanted to try it out before going all in. The antioxidant dew is available in one size only.

The Antioxidant Dew – CAD 98.80 for 47 mL

Beauty Elixir I – CAD 126 for 14 mL and CAD 315 for 47 mL

One thing I do want to say out of my experience of using expensive oils and serums is that they are those products in your routine that you will tend to spend the most on, but they will last you forever and make all the difference to your skin. So honestly, I do not feel bad for spending my hard earned moolah on Kypris products at all.

**All the products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. This is not a sponsored post**


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