In short – The best clay mask out there.

Why? – Amazingly smooth. A dream to apply. Really cooling. Soothes my skin when I have an acne breakout.

What it does? – Soothes. Cleans – My skin feels squeaky clean after I use this. This is a must have in my skin care kit. I have been using this one for over a year now and in combination with the other things I do for my skin, this has really worked on fading my acne scars.

When I use it – When I know my pores are clogged. When my face is irritated and red.

How I use it – Spread it evenly all over my face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Generally I make sure I wash off clay masks before they dry and crack on my face. Waiting too long with any clay mask makes my face feel very dry after I remove it. Too much dryness is bad for an oily face, so I avoid doing that all costs.

Price – CAD 35 for 125 mL OR CAD 22 for 30 mL

Where to buy – Kiehl’s Stores or online here.

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