In short – Yes yes yes! I found THE brightener. oh yes!


Why? – I love products that have a simple list of things they can do. And then do it!

What it does? – This is one says it is good for ‘Dark Circles’ and ‘Dullness’. And it is. I don’t have very bad dark circles, but they are still there and become worse if I have a very long day at work or am unable to get a good night’s sleep. It just drives the dullness away and dulls the appearance of dark circles.

When I use it – When I know I have done all the wrong things. Not slept for 8 hours. Stayed glued to my computer and phone because of a stressful day at work. Haven’t had enough water. This one rescues me. I don’t know how, it just does.

How I use it – Peel it off the protective sheet, place it one my face, and just lie down for about 20 minutes.

Price – CAD 9 for a single – use mask

Where to Buy – At Sephora stores or online here.

Posted by:RealSimple

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