In short – It made my skin softer.

Why? – Maybe this is something for people with already smooth skin, for them to retain the lustre! I have far from perfect skin and this face pack didn’t really do anything other than softening my skin. I love TBS products. But this is not one of them. If I just want my skin to become softer, I’d probably try some other product with softening and other qualities to add.

What it does? – My skin became softer. But that’s about it. I used it many times but alas(!), disappointment waited for me after every wash! I am not sure if I should have expected anything else though.

When I used it – I have having a slew of good skin days, which is rare. So I wanted to use something clarifying and polishing so that the polishing could happen when there were no acne friends popping up.

How I used it – Applied a thin layer. Let it dry (took about 15 minutes). Wiped it off with a clean flannel.

Price – CAD 28 for 75 mL

Where to buy – At The Body Shop shops (see what I did there!!!) or online here.

Posted by:RealSimple

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