In short – Not so magnanimous after all.

Why? – This is why I don’t buy products on a whim. Because when I do, this is what happens. I picked this up at the Lush store on recommendation from one of their sales associates. I told her I wanted something to soothe my skin and work on my pimples because I was having a massive breakout at the time.  Going by the monstrosity that was happening on my face, she said this would be THE task to try out. Maybe it’s just me. It did not work.

What it does – Sadly, nothing for me.

When I used it – When I had massive breakouts on my face. And then later when my skin calmed down, just to make sure I was testing this product in all conditions!!

How I use it – Just spread a thin layer all over your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Splash warm water on your face and gently exfoliate. Ground adzuki beans in this product give it that scrubbing quality.

Price – CAD 14.95 for 125 g OR CAD 26.95 for 315 g

Where to buy – Lush stores or online here.

Posted by:RealSimple

4 replies on “Face Masks Series -2. Lush – Mask of Magnanimity

  1. That’s a shame you didn’t get on with this one, I really liked this one the peppermint smells and feels so nice and refreshing on my skin 😊


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