In short – Freaking Fabulous!

Why? – This mask has saved my facial skin. As I’ve already talked about in other posts, I have been suffering from acne for close to 18 years now. It has reduced, but never gone away. And something like this Origins face mask does not come along very often.

What it does – It does exactly what it says. Clears out pores.

When I use it – When I feel my face looks dull and just can feel my skin is clogged.

How I use it – Just spread a thin layer all over your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. I remove it with a warm flannel because it’s soothing and way less messier. You could also wash it off with warm water.

Price – CAD 5 for 0.34 oz || CAD 20 for 1.7 oz || CAD 32 for 3.4 oz

Where to Buy – At Sephora stores or online here.

Posted by:RealSimple

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