In short – It’s like spreading coffee on your face. In paste form. I love it!

Why? – First thing, it wakes you the bloody hell up! More than drinking coffee would. It has a very strong smell and might not be for everybody, so smell it again and again because you’d have to sit with this on your face for about 20 minutes if you buy it. But I love coffee, in my cup or (now) on my face!


What it does? – It makes my face visibly brighter. The gritty texture makes it a great mild scrub. Best to get your skin out of hangover mode (IYKWIM!)

When I used it – Cue from the previous sentence. On New Year’s, because who doesn’t drink to ring in the new year?! My skin was dehydrated and super dull. In addition to waking me up, it made my skin super bright, and dare I say, it is slowly but steadily working on my scars too!

How I used it – Applied a thin layer. Let it be for around 20 minutes and then wiped it with a warm flannel.

Price – CAD 10.95 for 150 g OR CAD 19.95 for 325 g

Where to Buy – Lush stores or online here.

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