In short – Dear Body Shop, what you missed in the Chinese ginseng mask, you put double of in this one! Because it 🤘🏼!

Why? – It just brightens skin up. Energising Radiance? Hell yea!

What it does? – Does what it says. Gives an awesome radiant glow to your skin.

When I used it – My skin was going through a good phase (was 😥 ). I had to attend a family party the next morning and used this because obviously who doesn’t want to look radiant and energized in a crowd of very pretty women!!

How I used it – Applied a thin layer. Let it be for around 20 minutes (gel like consistency – so doesn’t dry) and then wiped it with a warm flannel.

Price – CAD 28 for 75 mL

Where to buy – The Body Shop stores or on their online store here.

Posted by:RealSimple

5 replies on “Face Mask Series – 5. The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask

  1. Iv enjoyed reading through your face mask series and curious to try some! Only thing I would add is prices and/or where you bought it from? I would love if you could check out my blog it’s mainly lush based but branching out to other brands of bath/skincare 😊


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