In short – They had me at Turmeric!

Why? – If you are someone with acne, turmeric is your best friend and you know it! For its anti septic properties more than anything else. In India, a lot of women in all age groups use turmeric rhizome (aka stem) for cleansing. I know that my mom used to in her younger days and man I wish I had her skin. She attributes all of it to turmeric! I have never done it because it leaves an obvious yellow stain all over the skin which goes away after a few hours, but I had hide till it goes away!!

So in comes this magic in a pot from Kiehl’s. As you can probably see in the pic, I have used it up completely and the next one is on its way!

What it does? – It brightens & softens. It shrinks pimples. It gently exfoliates.

When I use it – When my skin is uber dull from stressful day at work. I needed to exfoliate and brighten in one go.

How I use it – First, apply a thin layer. Then, because it is a little gritty from the cranberry seeds, I make sure that I have another go and cover up any areas where the paste has not spread evenly.

Price – CAD 22 for 28 mL

Where to Buy – At Kiehl’s stores or online here.

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