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One day late! I did my 28 day reset from Feb 1 – 28. And dare I say, my body has changed. Honestly, now I don’t even want to have gluten or sugar or alcohol! It has been a huge task staying away from Dairy though.

I broke my 28 day “clean” fast with a homemade grilled cheese sandwich! And man was it good! I devoured every single bite of it! I wouldn’t have shown so much patience or paid this much attention to a simple homemade grilled cheese if not for this reset!

Mentally, I have learnt to appreciate food better. I have learnt to train my mind not to want one more piece of that sandwich. And also, I have learnt the life changing magic of food prepping. It is truly life changing. When I read about food prepping on blogs or watched videos about it, I always thought how something so basic could make a big difference. But IT DOES! It makes all the difference in world. It is the difference between a fridge/cabinet stocked with bread, jam and butter and one stocked with green veggies and nut milks!

I’d say food prepping is like prepping yourself for work or your kids for school the night before. When you know what you are going to wear the next morning, you have a peaceful sleep and don’t waste precious time in the morning trying to match stuff! Same logic!

Prep prep prep. Make a table in your notebook. Have the three main meals and 2/3 snacks listed for the next week. Stock up accordingly and you won’t have to waste a single minute thinking about what to eat exactly when you are ravenous!! Being an Indian I love my chutneys. And these take a little longer to make and cannot be done on working days. So I call my mum for some interesting recipes that would sit well in the fridge for a week or conjure up my own recipes at times! On extremely busy days, I just cook brown rice and mix up my chutney with it and gobble it up.

I am proud of the person I have become today. From reaching for junk every time I got hungry, I am reaching for a protein shake or a carrot stick and hummus dip now!

I haven’t measured myself yet. But by the way my clothes are fitting, I am going to be very pleased when I do!


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3 replies on “28 Day Reset – Day 28 (+1)

  1. This is so motivating! I haven’t read about the 28 day reset I might try it but in a different month lol thanks for sharing


    1. Hey! You must try it! It will give you a lot of perspective on the kind of foods that your body love or hates! Do write a post or send a note about how it goes when you do 🙂 All the best!


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