This is where I wrote about starting the 28 Day Reset.

How do I feel?

It is hard to explain. I feel clean from the inside! I have been drinking 4L water every single day and that is flushing out all the bad stuff I guess. Also, so much more greens and fibre in my diet is making a huge difference.

What am I eating/drinking?

I am a vegetarian. So it can become difficult to take in a lot of proteins because I work out heavily and need all the proteins I can get. I have tried to do that here. In last 4 days this is what I have eaten:

Breakfast – [Toasted Nut mix + Almond Milk] | [Buckwheat Flour Banana Pancake + Cashew Butter]

Snack 1 – [Apple + Chia + Protein Powder + Aloud Butter + Almond Milk] | [Carrot + Chia + Protein Powder + Almond Butter + Coconut Milk]

Lunch – Quinoa + Sauted Veggies (Changes everyday) + Brussel Sprouts + Lentils/Beans (Changes everyday)

Snack 2 – Carrot & Cucumber Sticks with Guacamole or Hummus

Dinner – Brown Rice + Lentils + Veggies


4L a day.

How I planned this and how have I been executing it so far?

I have created a 7 day plan in an excel sheet. This sheet has all that I will eat through the next 7 days and a table with a mark for every litre of water I drink. I have the entire plan printed out and stuck on my fridge! I write the changes I made to the plan and also note the time at which I finish every litre of water on this print. This really helps when I go grocery shopping. I bought Cassey’s book which has a lot good recipes. So I have noted the page numbers of the recipes I do from her book on my plan.

What have I eliminated?

The plan tells you to eliminate 1. Sugar (Added/Processed) 2. Gluten 3. Alcohol 4. Processed Food 5. Dairy. Being an Indian, this pretty much eliminates all my options.

Where am I struggling?

  • Not having dairy – 5 days back, I was a person who could drink milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I miss adding milk to my coffee & tea. I was big on butter and cheese as well!
  • Not having bread – I used to eat 2 slices of bread with cheese or veggies or butter for breakfast every single day before I left for work. It was quick and easy.
  • Drinking Water – 4L of water in a day is no joke! Getting it in is just one struggle. Running to the bathroom every other hour is another!
  • Not eating Potatoes- I want to do this right. And if I have to do that, I cannot include potatoes in anything. Sadness.

What is making me happy?

  • I have a lot more energy and also I am mentally happy because I know I am eating well and becoming fitter
  • I am discovering that healthy recipes can be delicious too!!
  • I am getting in a lot more protein, so I am able to work out better
  • I don’t feel bloated anymore
  • I sleep so so well!

Side Note – I wanted to give up on Day 2. But then my husband just gave me a pep talk and that was all I needed to bounce back! It is NOT easy. But it is NOT impossible!


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