I don’t try products on a whim. Anything that goes on my skin has to pass many tests in my list! One, all my most trusted beauty bloggers should have given it a thumbs up. Two, the ingredients should not contain junk (my list may totally vary from someone else’s). Three, it should not be tested on animals.

So after watching everyone go gaga about the Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping Night Oil, I tried it! And I write this review after using the product religiously for 8 months, every single night! I have had acne problem and scars for 20 years now! Nothing, absolutely nothing worked on my scars. Moving from India to Toronto also made things worse because my skin was finding it difficult to adjust and was letting me know that it wasn’t happy, at all!

I shelled out CAD 131 and bought a full size bottle. I would say this started off my journey into the luxury skincare city! The first time I used it, I was like “Well.. this better be worth every single hard earned cent of mine!”. And boy oh boy was it worth every $! I know many people have said that they saw results the very next morning. Well, I didn’t! It took me a good week to see results, but once it started working, it just didn’t stop! I was all like okay Luna, you can stop making my face glow so much now!

My main concern was dullness and acne scars. My skin is not dull anymore, and Luna is still working on the scars. I’ve had those scars for at least 10 years now, so I am being realistic about how long it might take the magicest of magics to get rid of them! Here are a few before and after pictures. I stuck with Luna for very long and Luna stuck with me! I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for skin brightening and getting rid of scars. I also recently bought the Good Genes serum and am trying it out! I might not wait for 8 months to write the review for that one. Keep an eye out!

Before Luna                                               After (Today)

Report Card

  1. True to Claims – 10/10
  2. Fragrance – Raw Herbal – There’s no score; this is very relative
  3. Value for Money – 9/10 (Look at the pic of the bottle; that is HOW much product is left after using 2 drops every night for 8 months)
  4. Packaging – 7/10 – Bottles are never travel friendly; I have to preserve the original packaging to carry this bottle along when I travel; this is a thick cardboard box with a thick foam padding which holds the bottle tightly in place; I don’t transfer this in travel friendly pots because a lot of product gets lost in transferring and I hate wasting any product like that!


*Not sponsored. All products mentioned in the post were bought with my own money.*

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