For someone who works 40, sometimes 50 hour weeks, it is very very difficult to keep up with a workout regime and a healthy diet. Right? Wrong!

I have worked out πŸ’ͺ three times a week the past year with the help of my lovely trainer and the support of the better half! I feel stronger and much more energetic!

But! And there’s always a but!! I don’t look as good as I feel! That is the most blunt I can put it to myself! I am unhappy! I need to change!

And so… I am taking up the Blogilates 28 Days challenge. I have been following Cassey for quite sometime now and all her advice is so practical that you know it is not just another fad. The 28 day challenge is not a “diet”. If it had been, I would have run so far away from it that the πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ would have made me thinner!! Haha! I digress! The challenge is to reset the way you eat. Read more about it here.

So I know that there is a problem with my diet. And I am going to change that. I am a little scared about the “No Dairy” part of it, but I guess I should be more worried about the “No Added Sugar”. LOL! I haven’t even started yet!! Let’s see how it goes! I will post more about what I eat and how I feel from Feb 1 on.

**Not sponsored. My opinions completely**


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