I moved to Canada in January this year and was welcomed by the cold cold weather. Although I was brought up in the Northern part of India and saw a fair share of cold weather, it was nowhere near what Canada has to offer!

I did have a few work shirts & pants that I brought from India, but the minute I stepped out and started working, the average Torontonian’s style hit me hard and I instantly felt I needed clothes. A lot of clothes. But at that time, I had the essentials and wanted to spend money on buying stuff for our house. So I just let it be and pushed off my winter wardrobe building plans for the next winter. And here it is!!

So as a first step, I have packed off all my summer clothes and have made space for the new stuff to come in (how generous!!). In this post, I will write about my winter wardrobe wishlist. In my next post, I will post about stuff I already own, love and will wear even if they were torn!!!!

Any suggestions on how I can be smarter and build a great wardrobe are welcome!

Here goes…

  1. A Black Blazer – The softer kind. To make way for some of my summer work tops into winter!
  2. Sorel Boots – Because snow. Sorels are beautiful and are super trust worthy. Worth every penny. I have been researching for 8 months, and haven’t found anything better!
  3. A beautiful woolen jacket – Okay. So either they are super expensive. Or I don’t like them. Life!!
  4. Some more cardigans – I have a black, a camel, a grey and I still want more!
  5. Crew Neck Sweaters – How many is too many?!
  6. Dark tan knee – length boots & these Ankle boots (because I am greedy like that!!) – These look sexy as hell. A little heat can do good for me and the world as such 😉
  7. Work Pants – **THAT CAN BE TUCKED INTO BOOTS** Good Lord is it difficult :/ – There’s no link here because I still have not found absolutely any pants I have fallen in love with and that will tuck into my boots too. I cannot wear leggings to work!
  8. Flannel Shirts – In love with the ones I have! I want every single Flannel shirt I lay eyes on!
  9. Pajamas – Sudden urge! I just wear a pair of lounge pants and a loose T when at home. I have this sudden urge to buy comfy pajamas and go to a fancy hotel and lounge around in them. Vague. Very expensive urge though!
  10. This Jacket – If I am allowed one thing off this list, it is this. Considering the price, if I buy this, it will be the only piece I buy from this list 😉

I won’t be surprised if I write a winter wishlist part 2 post soon! Stay warm & toasty 🙂

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