The Reservoir Lounge

Classy. As classy as black! What a place! The Reservoir Lounge is a night spot in Downtown Toronto, with live music, mostly jazz.

We went there only because a friend raved about it and made sure she took us along! Thank God she did!

Instead of going on and on about how great the place was, I’ll do a “businessy” thing (my MBA is working!!!) and classify info about this place. But again, I cannot really say this enough number of times. If you are in Downtown Toronto, just go!

What you should know before going here!

– I was the only person in a pair of jeans & a god forsaken knit top!! The place has a very classy feel to it, and that instantly made me totally out of place due to my attire!! Wear black, a nice dress or a chic blazer over your jeans if you absolutely have to wear jeans!

– There are a couple of tables that have a great view to the stage where the band plays; when you reserve a table, you have to specify that you want a table with a view; this is a secret that only frequent visitors would know; view or not, a reservation is must

– After the band starts playing and the crowd starts dancing, the energy just goes through the roof; so if you wanna have a quiet dinner and want to talk, you might want to look for some other options
What you can do when you are there

– I’d like to dedicate an entire point to the fact that this is my favorite section (LOL)

– Drink.. Drink as if this was your last! If you have it in you, drink all their cocktails! I have quite a bit of drinking all my adult life, I’d say this place serves some of the best cocktails out there; Do not miss these:
– Chocolate Storm – White Chocolate Liquer + Absolut Vodka + Chocolate ganache – My belief in the existence of heaven and God just became a little stronger when I tasted this!
– Asian Pear – Pear Liquer + Pear Puree + Pear – Pear, pear, pear & lip smacking pear
– There were a few on their changing cocktail menu that had pretty good options too

– Food: So sample this, I have been a vegetarian all 30 years of my life! I see the lemongrass chicken my friend & husband order and instantly want to taste it! Looked that good! And you know what(!!!), I tasted it! And it was worth it! Glad that my first time wasn’t a disaster (my trainer was happier than me considering she could make me eat one more protein rich food, in addition to my protein shakes!)

– Music: The night we were there, ‘Tyler Yarema & his Rythm’ were playing. Honestly, I do not understand the technicalities of Jazz music so much. If it sounds good, makes me happy, I like it! I don’t want to behave as if I knew the details of what they were playing and the technique they used. I didn’t. They sounded great, their percussionist was cute (ahem! sorry what was I saying?? Uhoh.. Scratch that!), the energy was high, my legs covered in denim boogied amongst other bare or black trouser clad legs and we all went home hale & happy!

– Where they are located: 52 Wellington Street East, right across from the Flatiron Building, slightly below street level

– Online –

Go go go!!

**This is not a sponsored post. It is only an account of my experience**

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